Sunday, June 26, 2016

What am I voting for president?

We have a crooked person versus the idiot for president. Who are these people? Here is what I am asking you. In my life time, I never voted for Clinton, and I will never will. Here is what I am voted for the three stooges. These are the idiots I am not trusting anyone.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Brads needs for railfanning including money

Brad's needs for railfanning including money

Why I am asking for? 

1. My camcorder I filmed trains with got sent for repairs and I will get a new camcorder with an extended warranty. 

2. I need a desktop computer that will edit my videos.

3. I need a car for transportation includes filming trains.

4. I got a digital camera a while back.

5. Need a new place to call home.

       Here is what this blog comes down to is money. 

Why I need the money? To get to the places where I am going to make money on paypal. I will Edit my YouTube videos to upload on my YouTube channel. I will like to go out of state to film trains. I need everyone's Support financial by reading this article on this blog and click on the ads.  Please