Monday, September 26, 2016

Brad's videos from North Platte Rail days 2016

Brad's railfanning series

        I started to get gas in Grand Island to head for North Platte. I filmed trains in the morning west of Gibbon. My next stop is a restroom stop in Lexington. After that, I filmed a loaded coal train near Darr, and on the next crossing, I filmed a doubleheader with a eastbound manifest train meets a westbound auto train west of Darr. After that, I headed for North Platte. While I was in North Platte, I went to downtown. At railfest, there is usually a special locomotive, not this year. I had lunch at cody park's concession stand. I rode the bus from cody park to the bailey yard. I also walked around at the Golden spike. I rode the bus back to cody park. I went to the model train show at the old alco building in downtown North Platte. After that, I see and took the picture of UP 480 on display at memorial park. After that, I filmed more Union Pacific from Maxwell to Gibbon and also including on the pedestrian overpass in Overton.