Sunday, October 25, 2015

BNSF & UP's Action from Hastings to Alda,NE on October 18,2015

I went to Hastings and filmed 2 BNSF trains and i walked around and drove around. I stopped at Allen's in Hastings and i walked around the store and used the restroom there and i got a 2-liter of pepsi for 99 cents. I went to burger king and got me a big king and original chicken sandwich with tax i paid $5.35 for my lunch with a 2-liter of pepsi and my total cost of my meal is $6.34. I filmed trains on Lakota Road east of Kearney. After that, i went to subway in Gibbon and got me a scoop of Java chip & mangos and cream and it was good. I paid $2.44 for the double scoop ice cream cone and headed for the Gibbon Junction.

Filming time 9:37a.m.-6:05p.m.

 Editing time A. 5:07p.m.-5:35p.m.

                     B. 5:44p.m.-6:29p.m.

                     C. 7:01p.m.-8:39p.m. (2 hours,51 minutes)

BNSF's Action from Grand Island to Abbott,NE on October 17,2015

I went to Cairo and back to Grand Island filming trains there. I had lunch at burger king in which i had a whopper combo meal and added A1 steak sauce to the whopper and i spent $7.80 on lunch. After that, i went to the bowling alley and i paid $3.00 for my 3 games there. After that, i went back to the BNSF's ravenna subdivision in which i just missed the boeing train with manifest. I filmed alot of coal trains on the BNSF line.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BNSF & UP's Action from Hastings to Wood River,NE on October 11,2015

I video taped 20 trains from Hastings on the BNSF's Hastings Subdivision, to Alda on the Union Pacific's Kearney Subdivision. I drove to Hastings to see a empty hopper train on the BNSF. After that, i drove around to the imperial mall and there was not anything to eat there besides pizza hut. I drove to kenesaw to see if there was a subway there, nothing there. I drove from Kenesaw to Gibbon. When i wanted to turn right at the t-intersection, the railroad crossing is closed at the time. I decided to take gravel roads to the road that will lead me into Gibbon. I turned right at the t-intersection to drive to Gibbon and found it. I went to subway in Gibbon for my lunch break from the trains. I ate my lunch under the tree near the Union Pacific triple track main line near Kearney. I filmed trains during, and after i ate my sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub and ice tea. After that, I went west towards Kearney and turned left at Antelope Ave crossing and headed east from cherry avenue crossing to poole avenue crossing for about 1/2 hour. After that, i head back to Lakota Road crossing and catch more Union Pacific action. After that, i headed east to Range road crossing where i filmed 3 trains there. After that, i headed west to pawnee road crossing to catch an ethanol train. After that, i went to the crosssing west of Wood River near the ethanol plant and that's it.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

BNSF's Action from Cairo to Grand Island,NE on October 10,2015

I video taped 7 BNSF coal trains from Cairo to Grand Island along the BNSF's Ravenna Subdivision. I was low on memory cards when i went to video taped trains. 

Time 10:52a.m. to 11:57a.m. & 12:32p.m. to 4:41p.m.
(5 hours, 14 minutes)

Editing time of this video 
Ocotber 14,2015 from 5:47p.m. to 9:31p.m.
(3 hours,44 minutes)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

BNSF and UP Action from Hastings to Alda,NE on October 4,2015

I left the house at 9:48 Sunday morning to get to Hastings to film BNSF trains. I got 2 BNSF trains in downtown Hastings and 1 at the grain elevator in Hastings. I went to Burger King for lunch and i got a halloween whopper combo with medium fries and a medium coke. My meal cost me $8.50. I did the video of halloween whopper near the Adams Central Road crossing along the Union Pacific's Marysville Subdivision. From 12:55p.m. to 2:50 p.m. i filmed trains along the Marysville Subdivision. Then, i went to near Nebraska highway 10 crossing east of Kearney. And then i headed east towards Gibbon to get a ice cream cone at subway in Gibbon. My snack cost me $2.44. After that, I videotaped trains from Gibbon Junction to Alda. I ended videotaping trains at 5:57p.m. on Sunday,October 4,2015. From home to videotaping trains and back took me 8 hours,9 minutes. 

       A couple days later, i edited videos on October 6th & 7th,2015. I started at 8:46p.m. to 11:02p.m. on the 6th of October. The next morning, I started at 8:28a.m. to 8:58a.m. & from 9:52a.m. to 10:27a.m. to complete this video. 

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Friday, October 2, 2015

BNSF's Action from Grand Island to Cairo,NE on September 26,2015

From 11 to noon Saturday morning, and from 3-6:30 Saturday afternoon to Saturday evening. I videotaped 14 trains on BNSF's Ravenna Subdivision from Grand Island to Cairo. I ate at Taco John's before i went bowling from 1 til 2:45 in the afternoon. There was a Great Northern grain hopper Saturday evening. I spent $8.03 on buffalo crispy chicken burrito combo with potato oles and iced tea to drink. I spent $3.00 on bowling 3 games.