Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Amtrak, BNSF & UP action from Hastings to Gibbon on 7 20 2015

Amtrak was 9 hours late in Hastings. So i decided to go down to Hastings and film BNSF trains. The first train i filmed was an amtrak making a stop at the depot in Hastings. Then the oil trains coming from the south and waited for a local train to get into the Hastings yard and then the oil train left. After that, i went to subway for lunch and i filmed Union Pacific trains from Hastings to Gibbon. A total of 12 trains i videotaped.

Mileage for the day is: 109 miles

Fuel cost: $.00

Friday, July 17, 2015

BNSF & UP action in Hastings,NE on 7 14 2015

       I went to Hastings,NE and filming trains there. I filmed 8 trains in Hastings. There are 7 on BNSF, & 1 on U.P. on the 14th. After i filmed the 2nd train, I went to taco bell and got the 5 dollar box, I had bacon club chalupa. taco, and burrito superme with a drink of ice tea and ate at Libs park in Hastings. I didn't get the sauce packets from taco bell oh well.
       After that, I went back to downtown Hastings and filmed another train.  After that, I drove around on gravel roads and meet a mama deer & a baby deer on Osage Road near the tracks near Juanita so i had to stop for the deers around 2 in the afternoon. The weather was a hot one. I went back to Hastings and had a ice cream & water at Runza. 
       Also, i was wondering about amtrak 6 will be arriving to the city of Hastings and the amtrak didn't come till 8:28 tuesday night. So I filmed 4 more trains until 4:50 in the afternoon and then i went back home and got cooled off.

Mileage for the day is: 104 miles
Fuel cost $.00

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Union Pacific stop and go action from Kearney,NE to Alda,NE on 7 10 2015

I drove thru the construction zone with ease in Alda. I tried to catch the train heading into Kearney with 2 SD40N's. I didn't get the job done. So i turn around and headed east towards Lakota Road and filmed 5 Union Pacific trains. After that, went to subway to go to the restroom and had a ice cream cone there. After that, i went on Range Road to turn around to Pawnee Road. After that, i headed east towards 90th road to film a manifest train.

Friday, July 10, 2015

BNSF rails and planes action from Abbott to Grand Island on 7 1 15 and 7...

I went to Hastings to see the amtrak #6 and didn't show up. After that, I went to Valentino's in Grand Island to see the Terminator 3D movie and then i went to film trains along the BNSF line on July 1,2015. A week followoing that, Before I filmed 10 trains along the BNSF line from Abbott to Grand Island including 2 empty boeings & a empty rail train. I went to firehouse subs and had a engineer sub, spicy nacho dorito's and a coke.

Mileage for July 1,2015 is 81 miles
Fuel cost $.00

Mileage for July 8,2015 is 39 miles
Fuel cost $.00

Monday, July 6, 2015

BNSF action from Abbott to Grand Island on 6 23 2015

During the afternoon, i filmed 10 trains on June 23,2015 from Abbott to Grand Island. There were 9 coal trains, & 1 manifest train. I also feature a dumb ass award winner for bad things caught on video like trespassing on railroad property, going around the gates and the train is coming,etc.. In this video alone, there was a driver of a car drove on BNSF property. Norfolk Southern is the only foreign unit besides BNSF. 

Mileage for the day is: 35 miles

Fuel cost: $.00 

BNSF coal train action from Cairo to Grand Island on 6 17 & 6 19 2015

There were nothing but coal trains in this youtube video. I filmed the coal trains from Cairo to Grand Island on June 17,2015 to June 19,2015. These trains were shot in the afternoon on both days.

BNSF doublestack derailment and UP action from Shelton to Grand Island,N...

I went to Adams-Kearney county line in Nebraska to film the derailment there. The train has before the storm derailed is hauling doublestack train headed east towards Chicago coming from Denver. I went from Kenesaw taking gravel roads to the derailment site. After i visited the derailment, I went to Shelton to film trains along the Union Pacific line to Grand Island and ended up 5 trains in the Afternoon. 

Mileage for the day is: 88 miles

Fuel cost: $.00

BNSF Action from Ashley Park to 60th Road in Grand Island,NE 5 12 2015

I decided to film trains in the afternoon. There was not as much train traffic during the afternoon. I filmed 6 coal trains from Ashley Park to 60th Road. There are fully loaded coal trains & empty hopper trains under a nice day in Grand Island,NE. 

Mileage for the day: 18 miles
Fuel cost: $.00

UP & BNSF action from Gibbon to Crawford,NE 6 12 2015 & 6 13 2015

Me and my family went to family reunion in Chadron. We filmed trains from Gibbon to Crawford. When i came home, i try to edit the videos at home and it's telling me that i need to format the 64GB memory card. I didn't want to do that because it's important to show you what i've filmed. I decided to make the dvd and send it upstairs to be on my editing. 

Mileage for the 4 day trip is: 874 miles

Fuel cost: $58.81

UP & BNSF action from Clarks to Wood River,NE 5 19 2015 & 6 3 2015

I went to east of Clarks and caught a 5 unit Union Pacific intermodal train on May 19th,2015. The weather was getting bad on the 19th of May. On June 3rd,2015, I filmed 3 Union Pacific trains near Wood River in the evening & 3 BNSF loaded coal trains from Cairo to Grand Island. That is a balanced amount of trains i've filmed on that day.

Mileage for the day on May 19th,2015 is: 104 miles
Fuel cost: $.00

Mileage for the day on June 3,2015 is: 86 miles
Fuel cost: $.00

BNSF & Union Pacific weekend action from GI to Gibbon to Alda,NE 5 17 2015

Saturday May 16th,2015 BNSF manifest train came with plane is headed for Washington at the boeing plant. The next day, i was in Hastings waiting for an intermodal train instead, i got nothing and found out on facebook that there was a derailment in Iowa because of the storm. I went to Burger King to get me something to eat in Hastings instead. I followed the Union Pacific's Marysville Subdivision to Gibbon and filmed trains there. And ended just west of Alda before the storm arrived.

Mileage for the weekend is: 143 miles
Fuel cost: $15.00

Union Pacific & BNSF action on National train day from Grand Island to C...

That weather was lousy for National train day in Central Nebraska. The weather had a little bit of showers and lots of clouds. I decided to film 7 trains from Alda to Gibbon on Union Pacific & on 60th road near Grand Island on BNSF. I wish there was better days doing this.

Mileage for the day is: 153 miles
Fuel cost: $.00

Union Pacific's action from Gibbon to Kearney,NE 5 3 2015

Sunday was quite busy along the Union Pacific's triple track line where the crossing west of Gibbon is closed at the time of the filming. I ended up filming 35 trains on May 3,2015. Most of the action is between Kearney & Gibbon. The time of the videos of trains were between 10a.m. & 7p.m.

HD-BNSF's action from Grand Island to Hazard,NE 5 2 2015

I decided to railfan the BNSF line from Grand Island to Hazard during the afternoon. I filmed 11 trains along the BNSF line. The trains i've filmed were mostly coal. 

HD BNSF Action in Grand Island on April 15,2015

April 15,2015 was tax day in the USA. I got my taxes done a while back. So this day, i decided to film trains at Ashley Park in Grand Island. But before i filmed trains, i was watching this semi backing up on the roadway near the BNSF tracks. That wasn't safe to do so. I had food i went to Arby's and got me some food. After i ate my food, I went ahead and filmed trains at Ashley Park.So sit back and relax.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

HD-BNSF train chasing from Lincoln to Ashland on March 28,2015

Before I videotaped trains, i left for Lincoln on the 26th of March to be at my brother's place to get 3 nights there. The 27th i went to the state meet for bowling at Parkway bowl in which me and my teammates got 1st place. The next day, I chased BNSF trains from Lincoln to Ashland Junction on March 28,2015. The weather was a nice day to film trains along the BNSF's Creston Subdivision. I filmed 17 trains along the BNSF line.

HD-BNSF and UP Action from Hastings to Shelton on March 22,2015

This is my first hour plus video from Hastings to Shelton. I went to Hastings first thing to catch a local train. Second, i caught a intermodal train thru downtown Hastings. After that, I caught a grain train making the switch with CP unit behind the BNSF unit. After that, I videotaped trains along the Union Pacific's Marysville Sub towards Gibbon and Union Pacific's Kearney Subdivision from Kearney to Shelton. I videotaped 24 BNSF/UP trains on March 22,2015.

HD-UP & BNSF's Action with 5th anniversary & 300th subscriber on March 1...

I reached 300 subscribers on March 11,2015. So i did a 300th subscriber & my 5th year on youtube special on March 12,2015 along Union Pacific mainline from Shelton to Grand Island & March 14th,2015 along the BNSF line from Grand Island to Cairo. I had bowling practice on March 14th getting ready for a tourament in Lincoln. 

HD-BNSF's Action from Cairo to Grand Island on March 10,2015 with RS3K


After i left work around 2:30 in the afternoon on March 10,2015. I started the railfanning series on youtube by video taping trains from east of Cairo with NS unit to Grand Island's Ashley Park til 4:30. This video is my first episode of the railfanning series on youtube.