Sunday, June 25, 2017

BNSF, late Amtrak, Union Pacific and others from June 16-20,2017

        I filmed one empty coal train on the June 16,2017 in Grand Island. I did 2 vlogs on the weekend of June 16-18, & the 20th.There was a late amtrak coming to Hastings. I filmed trains including amtrak, bnsf, & Union Pacific.  

BNSF, Union Pacific, UP 844 and vlogs from Louisville to Columbus,NE fro...

      I went to Ashland to camp at Mahoney. Went to Gretna's KOA campground for my family reunion. Filmed trains for 3 days from Louisville to Columbus.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The weekend of June 3-4,2017

              Here are 6 videos on the playlist. There are 4 food reviews, a vlog, & BNSF/Union Pacific trains on the playlist.

Memorial day with BNSF from May 24-29,2017

           Here are 5 videos i've been doing for the past 6 days. I filmed trains at ashley park, did 3 food reviews, & 15 states i've never been to.