Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BNSF Action from Grand Island to Cairo,NE 3 22 2016

    It was a nice afternoon to film trains along the BNSF's Ravenna Subdivision. All of the trains are coal trains. I did 2 new food reviews. The locations of the shot is from Grand Island to Cairo.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Union Pacific Action from Kearney to Gibbon,NE 3 20 2016

Here is my video link seen here:

       Here is my story, I decided to go do some railfanning around the Kearney area along the Union Pacific's Kearney Subdivision main line. I tried to catch the first grain train from Gibbon to Kearney on US 30. The train was gone as i had to slow down for the city of Kearney. I went thru Kearney to 30th Ave. So i turned left to the overpass. Before i went to the overpass, i turned right to the gravel road to make a right turn. I drove around and see some sandhill cranes near the Union Pacific tracks. I stayed on gravel to Odessa on US 30 and went back the way i came. 

     Until i see the manifest train headed for Kearney. The train stopped in Kearney and switched going into Kearney. Around 12:30 in the afternoon, i got my food in which before i did a couple food reviews including the newest sub at subway. I also saw a radio personally in Gibbon. We didn't talk at all. I went blank on that. I was like in my own mind "Who is this person?"  He saw my tripod and my camcorder in the car. After all that, i went to Gibbon Junction and filmed trains there for about 2 hours. The Marysville Sub was busy and also ended up with the engineer saying to me "Hey,Brad" twice. I was stoned on what happened in my own mind. One by a radio personally, & two by an engineer.  On the results, i filmed 21 trains and i had a great time filming trains.