Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Brad's end of 2015 for chasing trains

       I had a great year filming trains in 2015. One locomotive i have not seen in person is ET44C4 units along BNSF & the Union Pacific lines,yet. The results of the year i've been videotaping trains, taking pictures of trains in Nebraska, edit my videos, & posting them on youtube. Here are the results seen here from 2015:

Fuel cost: $266.42 down 264.09%
Mileage: 6,917 miles up 31.5%
I videotaped 631 trains, took over 1,000+ photos in 2015. My goal is to have 3,000th video uploaded on youtube in 2016. I have not been out of state filming trains since 2006. For 2016, i would love to go out of state of Nebraska for a change. I will see you in 2016. 

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