Tuesday, October 25, 2016

BNSF, Union Pacific, & the late amtrak from Hastings to Gibbon Junction

Brad's railfanning series

        I started with the action in downtown Hastings with the yard action. After that, BNSF z-train heads west leaving Hastings. Amtrak 6 was over 9 hours late with one amtrak unit stops at the Hastings depot. After all said and done. I went to the bank to take out small cash. I went to burger king to get a new food to try for my new food review. Before the Union Pacific coal train passes thru the crossing northwest of Hastings, i had an embarrasing moment, I spilled Dr.Pepper on the driver's seat and i sat on it after the food review video. I head northwest toward Gibbon Junction for about 3 hours to finish the day.


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Brad B